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Wednesday, 18 May 2011


This week's theme courtesy of Dave is 'green'. A simple word that has many meanings. Obviously the colour, as in plants. It also means naive, jealousy and the one I've chosen; being environmentally aware. It's something that everyone should be conscious of these days, whether it is saving water, reducing waste or recycling things.

Whilst visiting Monaco, Gail and I came across a demonstration of electric vehicles. The future of transport now that oil is running out and more vehicles are on the road. Some of the vehicles on show were a bit experimental, but my header shows a car that looks like a car and one that people would be willing to drive.

Today's photo was a lucky find, as it was raining at lunchtime and there wasn't much happening. I was walking along Bridalsmithgate when I spotted a rather unusual umbrella. Following the owner, I noticed a giant 'BANG' on it. So I just had to take a shot. Pardon the pun!