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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Water Way To Travel

Tom has supplied this week's headbanger theme of 'water'. We've had similar themes recently like fountains the other week, so I decided not to go down the traditional route. Instead I'm presenting a seagull from Monte Carlo. I took its portrait while Gail and I were eating some pizza down by Port Hercule.

What seaside wouldn't be complete without the squarks of gulls overhead, or queueing up on the promenade waiting for a few crumbs of food from people passing by eating fish and chips? Whenever I am at the coast, I always look forward to hearing their call. Its the romantic in me. Of course these days seagulls can be found many miles inland, as the continual hunt for food is never ending. In fact I heard a couple the other day in Highfields, some 70 miles away from any saltwater.

My main photo today is also water related, with a traction engine, which of course uses steam to move. There was a show of them and classic vehicles on Sunday in Wollaton Park. But it was quite expensive to go in. So instead I walked around the fencing and took some photos through the wire.

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