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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Black And White

'Black and white' is this weeks headbanger theme, and comes from the the fishing guy himself; Tom. Personally I like to see photos in monochrome, as colour sometimes distracts from what the photographer is showing you. Colour obviously has its place. Fashion for one thing. How many ladies want to see a greyish dress in the pages of a magazine? They want to see the hue of the material, the trim and how it fits in with accessories. Unless it's Chanel of course, as their clothes are always black and white. But the great photographers always shot in black and white, and usually with a Leica. I always shoot in colour, alas not with a Leica and then convert the picture in iPhoto. That way you can see if it will work in monochrome, and have still have a colour version too.

My contribution this week is a close-up of the flying chairs ride, that I showed you yesterday. I think it works very well as a silhouette, as the colour version doesn't. Todays blog picture is part of the bar area of the Malt Cross where Gail and I had a very tasty meal last night. Another shot that looks good in black and white.

Please remember to go and have a look at the rest of the team member's contributions, and enjoy this little musical interlude which features some very good black and white photography.