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Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Scribe

This is Andy Barrett, the man responsible for writing the plays that I perform in now and again. As I have been mentioning recently, today we were all up at Beauvale Priory giving guided tours and describing what life was like there as a monk around 500 years ago. We had quite a lot of visitors throughout the day, and Geoff and I did three tours altogether. I think that everyone enjoyed themselves and learnt a bit of history in the process.

Andy is dressed the way he is because he had to stand in for one of the actors who couldn't take part in the end. Andy is playing Dr London, an Oxford doctor who was given the task of closing the priory by Henry the Eighth.

It makes me wonder if we would still have the monasteries around today and that our religious history would be different if the king was not such a bloodthirsty tyrant and had happily settled down with his first wife; Catherine of Aragon.