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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Happy Go Lucky

Sanguine is this weeks theme for the Headbanger Challenge, and has come from the fertile mind of Lanny our farm girl. This week is also the debut of Kathy, our newest headbanger, who hails from Washington. So we should get to see some interesting shots from her in the future.

Sanguine is not really a word I have come across that much, although I knew it meant having an upbeat mood. It is also a colour. Red, but not just any red. No sir, it's a blood red, or a rusty red. That end of the colour spectrum, rather than say a cerise. Gail and I are having a little break from work this week, so I haven't really taken many photos, but I noticed that the fruit on our cotoneaster bush have turned a good dark red colour and are now ready to be eaten by birds and insects, to keep them going over the winter. So that is my entry for this week's competition. Don't forget to have a look at the other members' interpretations.

As I mentioned earlier, Sanguine also means happy, and one person I know that always seems to be happy is Kevin, who is also known as 'The Hat', as whenever there's an event in Nottingham he'll make a hat for it. Here he is posing in his gambling hat, which he made for the Las Vegas fashion show last week.