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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Flying The Flag

Lanny has given us this week's rather intriguing Headbanger Challenge title of "Hello December". December obviously means Christmas. That one time of the year when everyone is supposed to get on well with each other, and all hostilities and differences are put to one side for a day or so, and cards and gifts are exchanged, food eaten and drink slurped.
I don't know about in your part of the world, but December seemed to start around the middle of July; when I first noticed cards, chocolates and decorations slowly creeping onto the shops' shelves. Now that is far too early in my opinion. Then I saw a fully decorated tree in a shop sometime in October. Personally I don't think the run up to Christmas should start until the First of December, although if you were to follow the old rhyme, it shouldn't start until around December 12.

Bridalsmithgate began a promotional exercise today, to encourage shoppers into it's higher end designer stores like Jack Wills, Kurt Geiger, Office and American Apparel. My header shows three stiltwalkers welcoming the customers along the road.

Do pay a visit to the other team members (except Imac who is on holiday again) and see how they have interpreted the theme. And to get you into the Christmassy mood, here's a little Kate Bush.

As many of may have heard on the news today, there was a nationwide strike of public workers over the Government's plans to cut pension payments to everyone that has paid into it. Of course there was a very large march through the city centre which brought traffic to a halt for nearly 30 minutes. I have showed you photos of people holding banners etc before, so I thought I would try more of an arty shot this time.