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Sunday, 18 December 2011

By Eke, It Were Good

It was a visit to the Playhouse tonight, to see that wonderful Barnsley born folk singer that is Kate Rusby. She has visited Nottingham for a few years now, just before Christmas with her concert of carols and songs. I actually bought the tickets back in July. But they are always a sell out, so I had to get them when they first came out, as it's traditional for Gail & I to go, as we both love her music so much.

A very entertaining night as we expected, with some great music, intertwined with her funny stories and anecdotes about life in South Yorkshire. She also announced that she is expecting her second child, which received a round of applause. I hope she is able to pay a visit next year, as Christmas wouldn't be the same without her. The poor girl was suffering with the lurgie which Gail & I have had for the last few weeks. She even had to cancel a couple of gigs earlier this week. So we were very lucky to see her tonight.

After the show we stopped of at the stall and bought her new CD, a mug, a tea towel and a songbook, which the band knit whilst they are on the road. As a special Christmas gift they were giving away a free calendar. I then suggested that we stay behind and see if we could say hello to Kate. I thought there would be a few people waiting to see her, but there was only one other; an acquaintance of mine who is a press photographer. Kate was very accommodating, and even apologised for keeping us waiting. Fortunately the doorman at the Playhouse let us stand inside, as it was about -1 outside.
Here's Kate and her partner and fellow musician Damien O'Kane posing especially for me.