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Friday, 23 December 2011

Santa's Little Helper

Oscar decided to get into the Christmas spirit this evening by donning a festive Santa hat. Marmalade wasn't that amused, as he just looked up, shook his little head and went back to sleep.

I took this photo with my iPhone, rather than one of my proper cameras, so the quality may be not what you are used to.

Day four of my Christmas Countdown brings a perennial favourite of many people every December. Besides being a jolly little ditty, it's a very good anti-war song, sung from the point of view of a soldier through many different conflicts. The song of course is Stop the Cavalry by Jona Lewie. A little bit of trivia here is that it wasn't originally recorded as a Christmas song, but a bod at Stiff Records noticed the word Christmas in the song and thought it would make a great festive song. It made number 3 in 1980. It may have made number one, but the re-release of two John Lennon songs at the same time, who had been shot earlier in the year put paid to that. Which is forgivable in the circumstances, but would be a tragedy if it was released today and kept off the top spot by some X Factor rubbish.