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Thursday, 29 December 2011


The extended bank holiday this week has really thrown my internal calendar out completely, as I thought yesterday was Tuesday and today Wednesday. I posted this weeks Headbanger Challenge, but didn't write anything about it, as I was planning to do that tonight; which I believed was Wednesday.

It's Kathy's theme this week and she's gone for 'between', to tie in with the week after Christmas and the week before New Year. It could also be the space each side of my ears! No imac this week to poke me with a hard stick, as he and his DW are on holiday yet again.

My photographic interpretation of between shows a couple sitting and staring out to sea. They are obviously so much in love that they are sitting so close together that there is no gap of light showing between them. Looking out to sea, or looking out to their future together, with nothing between them and their dreams.

Please pop over and see how the rest of the team has fared. Links at top right hand corner. And enjoy the music from Vangelis. Heaven and Hell, and the space in between; the solar system.

Today has been another one of those dead days for photography, wet and very windy. It is Gail's birthday tomorrow, so I was looking for a little something for her, rather than snapping away with my camera. I took this one yesterday. One of these street sellers working for a company who claim that you 'could', the important word here, claim back thousands of pounds. What they don't tell you is that they will want half as their commission.