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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Toys R Us

It's my turn to chose the Headbanger theme this week, and with so much advertising for toys around at the moment with the run up to Christmas, it seemed the obvious choice. I feel sorry for parents these days, being bombarded by their offspring saying "Can I have a...", "I want a... for Christmas". When I was a child (many years ago now) there wasn't so much of it about. Money was a lot tighter, and there just wasn't the choice that there is now. Designer labels were just words in the dictionary and computers were just the work of science fiction. I remember my mum asking me what I would like for Christmas one year. I must have been about four or five at the time. I can vividly recall coming down the hallway stairs and saying that I would like a teddy bear. I may have already had one, or some other soft toys, but a new teddy bear was what I wanted. Money being what it was, my mum decided to make me one. So my header is of the cuddly toy that my mum created with her own fair hands. I still have it after 40 odd years. I know it looks nothing like a teddy bear. The bluey green wool gives that away. So too does the button eyes and the stuffing made from old cut up stockings. But it made me very happy on that Christmas morning in the late 1960s. The poor thing is still hanging on, even though the stitching is coming apart, he is blind in one eye and the stockings have gone hard. But it is still the best Christmas present that I ever had and had years of love and cuddles.

Don't forget to pop over and see what the rest of the gang have come up with this week. And enjoy this sad, but happy song about toys from the great Rolf Harris.

I was hoping to show you a photo of the local legendary fashion designer Paul Smith tonight, as I went along to his main shop in town to buy a special raffle ticket. According to his page on Twitter, he was going to make a guest appearance. Alas it didn't happen, as he had been unexpectedly called away on business. I left my business card with the shop, so maybe one day he will drop me an email inviting me to take his photo. So instead I am showing you another of my boyhood toys. It is Mercedes truck, made by Matchbox and dates from 1969. I was a big collector of Matchbox toys and Ladybird books. And then when I got a little older I moved on to Lego, and built my own cars and trucks from all the plastic bricks and wheels.