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Monday, 1 July 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

Cookery competitions are all the rage on TV these days, but there was a real one in Beeston today.

The first ever Great Beeston Bake-Off took place at a local school. Many people took part, baking their special cakes and pastries.

The event was aimed at raising some money for Oxfam, and was opened by the deputy mayor of Broxtowe, who incidentally I've done a few acting projects with over the last couple of years.

The competition was open to both professionals and amateurs. Even kids got in on the act. Bradley's creation is spectacular, and I just love the way he's spelt ingredients. No spellchecker when you're writing; only a dictionary.

The winning cake was the one with blueberries on it, which was made by a local cafe. You could buy the cakes after the judges had had a taste, so I bought two of the cupcakes, which had a drop of beer in them. And very tasty they were too.