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Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Is For Apple

Besides all the great things on offer at Bradford's National Media Museum, there's a special exhibition on at the moment all about consumer electronics since the 1970s.

It was very interesting, seeing how things have changed over the last forty years. And nothing has changed so much as computers; especially those in the home.

One of the most famous names in computing is of course Apple. In fact I am presently writing this blog on an iMac. Gail too is an 'Appleite', with an iMac, iPad and iPhone. It's a shame in a way that they don't make digital cameras, as it would be great to have an iSnap!

Here's a photo of the Apple II from 1978. How different it looks from the swish, sexy machines of today. Plus of course the processing power has improved dramatically. Even though it appears to be a powerful machine in its time, I doubt it would be able to manage a blog, like my 27" iMac can.