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Sunday, 8 July 2012

No Parking Allowed

For the last week or so, Beeston's multi-storey car park is in the process of being demolished. It has proudly stood on it's concrete legs for around 40 years. But no more. The bulldozers and wrecking ball have moved in and are knocking it down. Piece by piece. Floor by floor.

It's sad in a way, as it is almost like a landmark in the area. It's also useful for getting aerial views of the surrounding area. But it is having to go, as the whole area is being re-developed. The next to go is the old fire station. It was abandoned a few years ago, when they built the new one near the Boots factory. But fortunately is is of little architectural interest; being just a brick box.

The car park in the sky was built next to the bus station, and it too is having a makeover. At the moment they have cordoned off some of the bays and moved the stops to another adjacent road.

It's going to be chaos in the town for the next couple of years, whilst the changes are taking place. I just hope it is going to be worth all the effort and great expense.