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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Will The Real Robin Hood Please Stand Up

My choice for the Headbanger Challenge this week, as I've swopped with Stewart. This is due to him and Julie floating about somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, as they head towards the Canary Islands on a liner.

So my theme is 'fashion'. I've picked it as Gail and I seemed to have photographed quite a few models lately; either in the studio, or on location. But I'm not going to show you one of those, instead I've gone for a shop display of mannequins all wearing T shirts that tie in with the recent Jubilee celebrations and the upcoming olympics.

I think it's quite a colourful display, especially with the Union Jack backdrop. Do please pop over to the other members' sites to see how they have depicted the topic, and enjoy this suitable piece of music.

There was a bit of excitement around the statue of Robin Hood at lunchtime, in that a publicity stunt took place, to help promote the fact that the statue is 60 years old later this month.

A message had gone out on Facebook, and Gail had heard it on the radio asking for people to congregate around the statue at 1pm and strike the famous pose whilst being photographed. So as I work just minutes away from the statue, I strolled down and got involved. Obviously I'm not able to put a photo of me up, instead here are Nottingham's official Robin Hoods, who make guest appearances in either the city centre, or at Sherwood Forest.