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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


On the way to Saltaire we passed a field of horses. So I stopped the car and we went to say hello to them.

An elderly chap was already there, but as there were quite a few horses around, we left him alone. We had parked on a grass verge, so we started picking some of the long blades of grass and started feeding those that got to the wall first. They seemed to enjoy their impromptu meal, even though they were in a very large field of grass. Gail was a bit wary of getting her hand too close to their mouths, in case it got bitten. But they were quite gentle towards us.

We then started taking some photos. Here's a rather unusual shot of one of them. I'm not sure if he was posing, or laughing at me! Whichever way, he does look a little bit comical and something of a dentist's nightmare.