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Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Headbanger Wednesday today, and Stewart has called the shots this week, before he sets sail on yet another cruise. He and Julie seem to have more holidays than anyone I know. And what a tricky one he's set; health, wealth or happiness within a flower. Thanks for that Stew!

Anyway, here's my shot of a pansy that I took soaking up the sun's rays in Woodhall Spa. I really like the colour, as it reminds me of strawberries and cream. A pudding that makes me happy. All those tasty, sweet strawberries surrounded by a dollop of thick double cream. Wealthy in a way, as I can afford to treat myself, and healthy, with the nutritional benefits of the summer fruit. As long as you don't pour too much cream on that is!

Do pop over and have a look at Stewart and the rest of the teams' blogs, to see how they have interpreted the challenge. And do enjoy this classic song from the 1960s

Gail and I attended another lesson in studio lighting tonight, although being a sunny (and dry) evening, we spent a lot of it outdoors.

Our model for the session was called Oona. She is a experienced model, so she found going into poses very easy. Looking for something different, I got her to sit down and stare distantly into a tea cup, as though she was remembering a happy or sad event in her past.

It was an enjoyable evening. Sadly for us the last one. But we are on the lookout for another photo course that will hopefully be as valuable.