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Monday, 16 July 2012

Salt, But No Vinegar

Yesterday we decided to take a trip to Saltaire, a small town that was created for the workers of the nearby wool factory by Victorian industrialist Sir Titus Salt.

The town had it's own church, hospital. Almost everything that is, except a pub. There is some debate as to why. But he certainly knew how to look after his employees better than the other factory owners at the time. Similar in a way to that of Cadbury's, who built the village of Bourneville near Birmingham.

Nottingham's own Jesse Boot, or Lord Trent did something similar and provided land for the new university.

Wouldn't it be good if today's industrialists were more philanthropic and did the same sort of thing for their employees, or for the towns that their companies are in, instead of wasting it on sports cars, yachts and other personal indulgences.