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Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

This is a close up of the replica of the Rosetta Stone, which is on show in the British Museum.

According to Wikipedia "the Rosetta Stone is an ancient Egyptian granodiorite stele inscribed with a decree issued at Memphis in 196 BC on behalf of King Ptolemy V. The decree appears in three scripts: the upper text is Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the middle portion Demotic script, and the lowest Ancient Greek. Because it presents essentially the same text in all three scripts (with some minor differences between them), it provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

All good stuff, and it was getting a lot of attention from the visitors to the museum.  So it took me a little while to take this photo. I deliberately wanted to show just a section of the text, rather than the whole thing, as I think it makes for a better photo, especially with the shallow depth of field that I used.