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Saturday, 2 March 2013


As it was warm and sunny this afternoon, I went out to the front garden and started to tidy it up and begin a job that I meaning to start for a while now.

At the moment, it has an open front, but I have been wanting to build a low wall, but have never motivated myself enough to start it. I have acquired what I think will be enough stone to do it with; I just needed that first push to get going. And so I guess the sunshine was the spurt I required.

So I got to work removing dead plants, pruning and clearing away the general rubbish that builds up in a garden. I then dug out a shallow trench, as I haven't worked out yet how I am going to put this wall together yet. But do know that I do need to give it a solid base of some kind.

I stayed out as long as possible before the light began to fade and it got quite chilly. I did manage to last till gone half six, which is good, as this means that the light nights are getting closer and closer. I think there's only another two weeks before the clocks go on, and we can all enjoy coming home in the light.

Feeling my back hurting a little bit from the exercise, I sat down, switched on the TV and found that an episode of Dad's Army was on. I had also treated myself to a real ale this morning, and so I decided to have it whilst watching one of my favourite comedy shows.