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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

It Just Clicked

As Gail and I are still off work, we decided to return to the NEC in Birmingham for the last day of Focus on Imaging; the annual photography trade show, where you could see and try all the latest cameras, lenses and other photographical gadgets.

We thought we would sit in on a few of the seminars, talks and demonstrations today, instead of trying not to spend any money.

Firstly we listened to professional photographer Damian Lovegrove who demonstrated some lighting techniques and what difference just moving a light a little bit can make.

We then went to see another 'top tog' called Stuart Wood, who has shot a lot of TV personalities for magazine covers. He gave a very inspirational talk about his photos and how he achieved them. He is well known for only taking a couple of minutes to shoot a star, which is sometimes all the time he is allowed.

We of course had to look in on the Olympus stand, as we both have an OMD. We noticed that they had some different lenses to try out. So of course we had to test them. I took this one of the OMD promotions girl with a 75mm f1.8.  The lighting conditions weren't perfect, but it was a lovely lens to use. So much so, that we just had to order one.