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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Are Friends Electric?

Here's one of my arty shots that I like to create every so often; as the mood takes me, or think the scene would make a good one.

This one for instance. The keyboard player from the Disco Prophets. I decided to focus in on the keyboard itself, rather than the musician. Partly because I find it more interesting, and partly because it was quite a crowded stage and I counldn't get a clear view of him.

Also I like keyboards and synths. Not that I can play one. I did try once and could just about play the theme tune to Wallace & Gromit; but very slowly. I do enjoy the sounds that they make. Some keyboard wizards that I like are Vangelis, Rick Wakeman, Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream. Kraftwerk are OK too, but prefer the more melodic stuff from their German counterparts.

To hear what I mean, here's a one of TD's shorter melodies; as a lot of their tunes cover one side of an album. This one is from the crime movie Thief, which starred James Caan.