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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Like A Circle Within A Spiral

I had to pop down to the Jubilee Campus of the university tonight, as we had a drama rehearsal.

You may remember last summer I was involved in a community play about Raleigh bikes, well we have been invited to London to do it in front of some people that were involved in providing the money so it could go on.

So we all have a trip to London next Tuesday for the day. It will be a long day, as it's a 3 hour journey to central London, as we will be based very close to the British Museum. And as a treat, Julian our director, says that we can have a look round after the performance. This will be good, as I have never been. A real photographic outing.

Anyway, after the rehearsal, I had a wander round the campus with my camera and fisheye lens, looking for some scenes to snap. I thought that one of the spiral staircases might make a suitable subject. It was difficult to get the camera in the best position, and to be honest, I'm not sure whether I've succeeded here or not. But it does show you the sort of photo that the 7.5mm lens can take.