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Monday, 17 October 2011

Are You Lucky Enough To Be In The 1%?

A strange collection of tents appeared in the Old Market Square over the weekend. They are part of a worldwide peaceful demonstration against how things are presently in the financial world. How the one percent of rich people control the lives of the rest of us.

Apparently there are nearly 1000 such demonstrations taking place across the world at the present time. So far I do not think there has been any trouble between demonstrators and police. I actually saw them last night as I was meeting my Flickr buddies, and nearly took a photo of a guy delivering about 20 pizzas.

I will pop down tomorrow to see if they are still there or have been moved on. I hope their tents have been held down well as there has been a terrific storm tonight, with strong gusts of wind and driving rain.

Are there any camps set up where you live?