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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Should Have Gone To Specsavers!

Autumn, or Fall, as the Fishing Guy has called this week's Headbanger Challenge subject. The weather so far this week has been closer to summery rather than autumnal, with blue skies and warm sun. It is noticeably colder in the mornings though, and the sun takes just that little longer to show its face, but quicker to disappear. Of course Sunday brings the dreaded changing of the clocks and darkness at 4pm.

The leaves are rapidly turning that golden colour and starting to cover the ground. So that's an obvious choice for the theme. And so I didn't want to disappoint. I decided to show them still attached to the tree though and just on the turn, and just a few, rather than the whole tree. This oak is outside the castle. It is unfortunately not the one that Robin Hood hid in, as that is twenty odd miles away in Sherwood Forest. But it could be a seedling from that very tree though.

I did some more market research tonight. Another one where I was paid to taste and drink beer. Eight different types in all. Some were very nice and others were not so good. Still it's a few more quid for something or other. Probably something for my camera, rather than a DVD or CD.

As I was drinking, naturally and legally I couldn't drive, so Gail picked me up. While I was on my way to meet her I passed the Nottingham Evening Post building, and I was rather amused with the above billboard. You may be pleased to know that there is nothing wrong with our favourite outlaws' eyesight, he can still shoot a straight arrow, the headline actually refers to the lack of action by the local council on creating a new castle based tourist attraction for Robin Hood.

Do pop over and see how the others have interpreted the theme and enjoy the small musical interlude courtesy of the Stranglers and with one of their best songs