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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Light And Shade

Today is the second anniversary of the Headbanger Challenge. The weekly battle between three UK bloggers (Dave, iMac and me) and three from the States (Lanny, Sandy and Tom). But for personal reasons Sandy has now left, so one of Lanny's daughters is joining in this week. There is no voting this week either. It's just for fun.

If you like what you see, maybe you would care to consider joining? You just need a camera and a good imagination. A sense of humour helps as well! Why not dip your toes in and see what the water is like? We look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy the photos, although iMac & Tom, Lanny & Ebet and Dave and I are sharing photos for one week only. Normal battle resumes next week. Pop over and see what they have come up with. And enjoy this headbanging track from the rocktastic AC/DC.

As I looked out of my office window tonight, I noticed that there was a terrific ( if that's the right word) black cloud over the city centre. The sun was shining as well, and it really highlighted the skyline, especially across the Victoria Centre flats. Grabbing my camera, I managed to take a shot before the cloud obliterated the sun's rays.