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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Memorable Moments

This weeks Headbanger theme, picked by Stewart (iMac) is 'memorable moment'. I've had quite a number of memorable moments through the years; meeting certain people, going to different places. There are of course sad memorable moments too. The funerals of my dear mum and dad for one. But there are gladly more happy memories than sad ones. One of the happiest is when I married my darling Gail in Australia back in 2006. As a wedding present, my family over there clubbed together and paid for us to go on a helicopter flight over Sydney and surrounding areas. It was the first time that we had both been in a whirly-bird. It was exciting and a new experience for the both of us. We have since been in one over Dubai and another in Monte Carlo. And then there was the balloon flight last week. So my header photo this week is an aerial view of Sydney Harbour. One memory I will remember for ever.

Today's blog post of one of the Nottingham Trent University's buildings taken on Sunday night during a Flickrmeet around the city centre. It reminds me of those old black and white films that they used to show on Saturday afternoons on BBC2. Films like Roman Holiday, The Third Man and Carry On Cabby. It was a good alternative to the sport that was shown on BBC1 and ITV. This was of course the days before satellite, cable and Freeview. Now there are a hundred channels pumping out repeats of old films and programmes that I remember from my childhood. Some with fondness, some with disappointment, as they are not as good as I thought they were.

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