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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Glow In The Dark

Year three of the Headbanger Challenge starts today and it's my choice this time. I've gone for 'technology'. Now I bet you're wondering why I am showing you a photo of old swords, helmets and weapons of a long distant age. The simple reason is that they were the latest technology 700 years ago, albeit for war purposes. When you speak of technology to most people, they will instantly think of computers, electronics and mobile phones. But technology can mean anything. That Stone Age man who decided to carve a piece of rock into a round shape and invented the wheel was a technologist, even if nobody knew it at the time. He may have got a few grunts of appreciation from the rest of his tribe, as now he had invented a simpler way of carting dinosaur meat to their cave, rather than having to lug it home and end up with backache.

Don't forget to pop over to the rest of the gang and see how they have interpreted the theme. Links now under the Nottingham flag. And enjoy the music of Vangelis and the vision of Stanley Kubrick.

There's little technology involved in today's blog post. A shot of a candle glowing in a red vase, which I took on Sunday at the Flickr meet after walk drinks.