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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Belated Birthday Greetings

Gail's birthday was at the end of December. Unfortunately she didn't have a brilliant day as she wasn't very well, and we had to pay a visit to the hospital. So her birthday wasn't as good as I would have liked for her. And I do owe her a present or two, as she didn't really know what she wanted.

She's better now and back to normal. Thanks for asking. My local Marks and Spencer's was having a final clearance sale today. Prices had been really slashed to get rid of the stock. There wasn't that much left either. Roaming through the shelves of items that had been marked down, I came across two items that I thought would make great presents for my darling wife.

The little pink figure is actually a USB connector. I thought it would make a super little present as she loves pink and always needs some extra USB connections. The white box is a radio as you may have guessed. But not just any radio. It is a DAB one, that includes Iphone/iPod port and the ability to stream music wirelessly from a computer. The original price was expensive, but the store had knocked about 80% off, so it was too good an offer to refuse. I just hope it produces lifelike sound.