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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Modelling The Future

I don't know how many of you have heard of, or actually use Groupon, but they are a company that email daily deals throughout the country. Each major city has it's own deal, but of course you are not limited to your own town's deal. So a few weeks ago I was scanning the deals and found an interesting one for Birmingham. A day's shooting in a photographic studio. Learning about lighting and taking photos of models. I asked Gail if she was interested. She said yes, and so today we drove over to the West Midlands and our adventure in a studio.

The drive over to Birmingham was uneventful until we got to Spaghetti Junction. We got lost a couple of times, as the roads changed quicker than the Sat Nav could direct us. But we got there around thirty minutes later than we would have liked. The studio was located in a building that used to possibly be a factory. We went up some very narrow metal stairs. I opened a door and almost sent a girl flying, as there was a make-up demonstration going on, and someone was sat right near the main door! I apologised and opened another door and went into the studio. The studio itself was one room, and above us a rock band was rehearsing, and the noise and vibration was deafening on occasions.

There was about fourteen of us in all. The photographer was a young trendy looking guy with gelled back hair. He took us trough the basis, and used himself as the model to start with, while we got used to using manual mode and the effects of the lights. After lunch the model called Gemma arrived with her mother. A pretty, seventeen year old who was just starting out on her modelling career. James the photographer selected a couple of outfits from the suitcase of clothes that Gemma had bought along. We then took it in turns to shoot her in different ways and with different lighting effects. Here's one that I took during the shoot.