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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ladies That Lunch

I was an adopted lady that lunches today, as I went for lunch at a local pub with five co-workers who just happen to be women. The pub isn't too far from the office, so we had plenty of time for a chat. I certainly wouldn't call it gossip, as I'm not that sort of guy!

Most of the interest appeared to be in some electronic cigarettes that two of them were using to help them stop smoking. Somehow water vapour comes out of the end which makes it look like real smoke. Apparently you can get various sorts of 'tobacco', including apple and menthol. The packet they come in serves as a battery charger too. An interesting device, which seemed to be cheaper than the real thing, which must be good for your wallet as well as your health.

Alas three of the gang had to go back to work earlier than the rest of us as they were on staggered breaks, so the sofa opposite me had become vacant. So I took this still life of the table we had used.