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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Lion In Winter

Today is of course Headbanger Wednesday, and it has been Tom's turn to chose the subject. He's gone for 'look at this (add your own word) animal. My word is 'famous'.

So what's famous about this stone lion you might think. Well in Nottingham, everyone knows the 'left lion'. There's even a magazine named after him. The left lion is famous for being the spot where everyone meets up before going to the pub or cinema etc. It's been like that since the 1920s when the square was first opened. Even I've met up with people there, including Gail down the years. You should see it at weekends and in the summer, there are so many people standing there, if feels like it's a bus stop! There is of course another identical one at the other side of the entrance to the Council House. But for some unknown reason it sadly doesn't get as much attention as the left one.

Please pop over and see how the rest of the gang are showing Tom's theme, and do enjoy this suitable piece of music.

Today has been a bit warmer, but dull. I was hoping to find another animal orientated photo for you today, but alas nothing came along. So as an antidote to this grim time of the year, here's a little spring lamb that I took last year. Something to remind you that the warmer weather is hopefully on it's way.