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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sands Of Time

Stewart has picked this weeks' Headbanger Challenge, and he's gone for 'photographing the photographers'. Now I have a number of such shots in my library, including one of myself. Something I am sure you don't want to see. So I have gone for this shot of an Asian lady posing for the camera. Whether the photographer is her husband or a very good friend, remains to be seen. It's an interesting pose, but I think I would have put the carrier bags down before striking a pose.

I've been struggling again to find subjects to photograph. At least the market and fair has now been taken away from the Old Market Square, so hopefully something new will appear before too long. I did come across this sandstone wall that has been eroded away through the weather, chemicals in the air and of course time itself. Somehow I think it looks like a piece of cake with a vanilla cream filling.

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