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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wet And Windy

I have the honour this week of picking the Headbanger Challenge theme and I've gone for 'new beginnings'. Unashamedly influenced by the start of 2012. But I didn't want to go with new year itself, as it would have been a bit limiting and the gang may have just posted photos of the January page of their calendar or diary.

My version of new beginnings is of this spider undertaking the construction of its new web. It always amazes me how they manage to build their webs. All those fine lines of silk weaved into a uniform wheel shape that is relatively strong and only gets broken when idiots like me walk by and accidentally knock it apart. I wonder how it knows the correct shape to build? Why it doesn't decide to make a square or triangle for a change. Why a load of spiders don't get together and have a web building competition. See who can build the highest or longest. Or if they did one on top of another, like an apartment block. Would there be a fight as to who got the penthouse suite?

Don't forget to scuttle across to the other team members' pages and see what they have come up with for the theme, and enjoy this unusual, but catchy piece of music.

Today it only rained when I was leaving work, which makes a change. And just a gentle shower too, not like the monsoon we had yesterday. The wind is still around though. The amount of fallen twigs and branches along the cycle-track made it more like an obstacle race than a road. Cycling down near the castle, I decided to stop and take some photos of the coal black road reflecting the lights, with the North Star ride glowing in the distance. My first proper photo of 2012.