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Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Quick Way To Do A Milk Delivery

The Milk Race hit town today, for the first time in twenty years. Sponsored by the Milk Marketing Board, the event ran between 1958 and 1993, but then disappeared for some reason.

But it is back, and Nottingham was the first city to host it. And for once the weather didn't let us down. It's been wonderful and sunny all day long.

There were many races throughout the day. Firstly there was a race for members of the public to take part in. Alas I didn't participate, as I don't have a racing bike and anyway I had the hedge to cut. Then there was the women's race and one against the two universities, but I made it in time to see the professional mens race.

The route went straight through the city centre, past shops etc, so it was quite difficult to get about. All traffic was banned. Int the Old Market Square itself were some stalls and demonstrations.  And when the races were taking place, it became a sort of island, as the organisers had closed the crossing points.

Tim, who is the official Robin Hood for the city, was in his best suit today, as his brother was getting married, incidentally at the Council House itself. So no time to change into Lincoln Green.