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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lighting Up Kit

Gail and I spent a very enjoyable and educational day in the company of top professional photographer Stuart Wood.

His photography is quite wonderful, and many of his images have appeared in top magazines and has had several front covers of the Radio Times.

There were only four of us on the course, and so it was like having one to one tuition. Firstly he went though some of his portfolio, and told us how he had created the pictures. Sometimes with many lights, sometime with just one, or just using natural light.

We then went on to learn about Rembrandt, butterfly, and split lighting. And of course the 'Inverse Square Law'.  Which is very useful to know when placing lights next to your model.

Our model was called Chantelle, and sat patiently whilst we all took photos of her, which showed the different styles of lighting.

Stuart also showed us a very neat trick with a single lamp and a sheet of white material on the floor, as in the photo above. Below is the result. Genius eh!