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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Future Is Now

You may be wondering why there is a white space today, rather than an actual photo. Is it art?

Well no, I've actually done deliberately, as I am after some feedback about this blog, and why hardly anyone leaves any comments, even though it certainly gets plenty of visitors.

As you may know, I have been publishing Nottingham Daily Photo for over seven years now, and have built up a small, but loyal audience who always leave a message or two.

But the thing is that the blog gets an average of around eighty hits a day, more sometimes and has 587 followers, but I am lucky if three or four people leave a comment.

So why is that? Why don't people like to leave comments, even if it is only a simple "nice photo" ?

Is it the type of photo I show? The quality and style of my photography? If I stopped doing NDP tomorrow, would anyone care?

I visit other blogs who get less visitors, but receive more messages. Now why is that?

So please, everyone who pays a visit today, leave me a comment or two, about the blog, maybe the sorts of photos from Nottingham that you'd like to see more of. What can I do to improve your viewing experience?