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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Future Is Now

You may be wondering why there is a white space today, rather than an actual photo. Is it art?

Well no, I've actually done deliberately, as I am after some feedback about this blog, and why hardly anyone leaves any comments, even though it certainly gets plenty of visitors.

As you may know, I have been publishing Nottingham Daily Photo for over seven years now, and have built up a small, but loyal audience who always leave a message or two.

But the thing is that the blog gets an average of around eighty hits a day, more sometimes and has 587 followers, but I am lucky if three or four people leave a comment.

So why is that? Why don't people like to leave comments, even if it is only a simple "nice photo" ?

Is it the type of photo I show? The quality and style of my photography? If I stopped doing NDP tomorrow, would anyone care?

I visit other blogs who get less visitors, but receive more messages. Now why is that?

So please, everyone who pays a visit today, leave me a comment or two, about the blog, maybe the sorts of photos from Nottingham that you'd like to see more of. What can I do to improve your viewing experience?


  1. I thought the white space may have been a protest about the new style Flickr site! I leave comments sometimes - can't do it every day as i have lots of blogs I follow.
    Perhaps you could also make occasional comments, as there is never any remark from yourself, so people don't know if you've ever read what they've written.

  2. Anonymous9:14 am

    a comment for you, maybe we are all over the place: Twitter, Flickr, Facebook ...., we don't have a central point to focus on. I had no idea on how to leave a comment until now, I clicked "No comments:" and hey here I am. Keep em coming Chris. Michael

  3. Hello Chris... As a Nottingham local who used to live in Chilwell I've been following NDP for several years and enjoyed looking at your sometimes quirky local scenes and building up a view of your goodself from your own comments.

    Being of the 'senior' generation I'm not much of a blog follower but would be disappointed to see yours end as it's a great contrast to my more mundane stuff coming through Feedly!

    As others say .. it's shortage of time that's the problem but I will try to comment more often!

    I guess humorous character pics and Nottm recent changes are my favourites.

    Chhers, JD

  4. Anonymous9:52 am

    I never comment on any blogs but certainly do enjoy seeing your photos every day. Keep it up. There's a fair bit of change going on in the city atm (thinking mainly of the tram works that have grown like a tumour all over the place) - perhaps document some of those.

    Also, can you really claim copyright on a blank picture? I'm dubious about that. :-)

  5. I agree, totally frustrating when you don't get a comment or 'like' in relation to pictures posted.
    How does anyone improve or develop what they do without feedback?

    Make time to appreciate....that's what I'll do today! Your photos are inspiring, thank you.

  6. I try to mix my blog with portraits, landscape photos, events, artists, cars, my tree, farms, and more. I am often disappointed with the feedback on the portraits, and surprised when people "care" more about a photo of a boring building.

  7. Hey Chris, I'm here! :)
    You know I love your blog, you are doing an amazing job with interesting articles, artistic compositions, beauty...you are a talented photographer and I'm always learning with your work.

    Due this blog, I'm anxious to visit Nottingham someday, a very nice place! I don't know the reason people don't comment. For my side, I'm always reading your posts (sometimes directly from feedly), and even if I don't write comments every day, I'm always here enjoying your creative mind. Thanks for the daily lights! Please,keep this blog!

  8. Don't stop!!!!! I enjoy the mix of photos you share but I have fallen into a bit of a trap by following so many blogs myself. If I left a comment on every blog I follow, every day, there would be no time to go and take photos or eat :). Joking of course but you know what I mean. As for me, I am amazed if I get one comment because Coventry just isn't a 'destination' City, as you know. I am hoping people will enjoy being surprised at what there is around Coventry. Your blog is fun to visit everyday and what I see is almost like a lesson in photography. You take a variety of shots and they are all super. Nice reading your thoughts here! Just remember - 'Keep up the good work'. Lauren, Coventry, England.

  9. Anonymous10:50 am

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  10. jimbob9:38 pm

    Just found your blog today... searching bizarrely for Trinity Square car park! - found a photo of a Fiat 500 for Saltwater.

    Keep it up... I probably can't be arsed to post all the time, but I've enjoyed what I've seen and will probably be back.


  11. Anonymous10:57 pm

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