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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Forever In Blue Jeans

Gail and I spent a very enjoyable evening at a local studio, shooting the very delectable Nicole.

There was only three of us, so we all got a fair go at snapping our model in the three outfits that had been picked.

This is the first one. I think she looks a bit like a young Olivia Newton-John, when she appeared in the 1978 movie Grease playing Sandy.

I took this shot using my OMD. I've hardly touched my Nikon D3s since I got the little Olympus. I'm very happy with the camera and think that I've taken quite a few reasonable shots with it now. Maybe I just need to keep improving my photography, so I get more good shots.


  1. Nice way to spend an evening. How many photos did you shoot?

  2. poor Nikon left on the shelf. :0(

    glad you had a fine evening's shoot.

  3. Love the portrait. Great classic look...that is better than many I see in glossy fashion magazines.

  4. Beautiful portrait, she is adorable!


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