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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Talk To The Paw, 'Cause The Face Isn't Listening

Whilst getting ready for work this morning, I couldn't help but stop and take a photo of Oscar, sleeping on our bed.

He looked so cute, laid out with his paw over his nose. I don't think I've seen him do that pose before, so I just had to capture it for all you cat fans out there in Bloggingland.

Oscar was also waiting for me when I got home. No asleep, but wide awake and sitting on the garage roof.  So of course, out came the OMD. F1.8, so I could get the lovely bokeh of the trees behind.


  1. Hello Oscar,
    You are so handsome!Love your poses, beautiful portraits!

  2. cute puddy cat. worthy of an Oscar for the 'aren't I handsome poses.


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