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Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Ace Of Spades

Driving past the White Hart pub in Lenton, We came across a gathering of motorcyclists. Oh, I said, a photo opportunity. So I parked up and we went to investigate.

The White Hart is a pub that I cycle past every day on my way to work, but I've never actually been inside. So this was also an opportunity to put this right.

As we were both hungry, we went in for some food. We both went for the enchiladas; and very tasty they were too. I think we will be eating there again, as it was good food, well cooked and quite reasonably priced.

So onto the motorbikes. Although I'm not that keen on them, I was impressed on how they riders had customised them. We were particularly impressed with the main one in the photo, who's owner is stood by Gail, explaining the in's and out's of his machine. He said that the skulls that adorn the bike were made by someone in the West Midlands, who is now so good at such things, that he has gone into business for himself.

Apparently the Nottingham Aces group have been meeting at the pub for about the last fifty odd years. So we had a look inside their club room. The walls were adorned with loads of photos of club members, both past & present, memorabilia and motorbike artworks. They even had a old wall mounted jukebox that had loads of Sixties hits. In fact I didn't really see any tunes that were later than about 1972.

It was quite an interesting time we had, and the group is certainly something that I'd known nothing about, despite my continual scanning of local events that are advertised in all forms of social media.