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Thursday, 17 May 2012

3 Men In A Boat

What could be better than having a row in a boat on a river or lake with friends and having a good time and fighting as to who takes charge of the oars?

Well this is exactly what this small group of pals are doing in Highfields Park. I'm not sure whether they are students or not, as the university is only a stones throw away from the lake.

There used to be a small pleasure craft called the Maid Marian which did trips around the lake, but I think it was taken out of service a few years ago.

There are numerous swans, ducks and coots that live by the water, and people visit every day with bags of bread. Joggers are often running around the pathways with their earphones and water bottles.

This photo reminds me of an old joke I know about the manager of a boating lake who shouts out to one of the rowers who he thinks has been out a little too long; "Come in number nine, your time is up". His assistant sidles up and says "But Fred, we only have eight boats". Shocked at this revelation, Fred calls out "Oh, are you in trouble number six"?.....