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Sunday, 27 May 2012

What A Poser

The bride has a couple of grand-children through a previous marriage. The boy; Leighton loved having his photo taken. He asked me several times throughout the day to take his photo. Especially when were were back at the family home.

He also seemed quite relaxed with posing and somehow knew what to do. Almost as though he had done it before; even though he is only about seven. I would just say to him stand there and he would quite happily strike a pose for me. I think that I took more of him than I did of the bride and groom!

But as you can see, he is quite a photogenic little boy, and was more than happy to stand in various places for different poses. I'm sure his parents will be pleased with the shots I've done. Unfortunately his sister, who is a lot younger wasn't so forthcoming. Especially at the registry office, where she wouldn't smile, or sometimes turned her head away. She also seemed to like rubbing her eye with her finger.

It was also nice to shoot a youngster without the fear of an angry parent assuming that I was up to no good. I'm sure there are less photos taken of children these days than there used to be. Especially those of children playing outdoors, as seen through the lenses of photographers in more carefree days.