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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Lady With The Red Hair

Gail and I started a new studio lighting course with a local professional photographer called Alan Thompson tonight. So local, that he just lives round the corner from where we live!

He has a smallish studio in his garden, which could have been his garage at one time. But it was just the right size and full of bits and pieces for props; a few costumes and small pieces of furniture. He had also built a 'set' of some panelling and bookshelves which look quite realistic in his photos.

There are only four of us on the course, and we were all allocated 'jobs' such as props person or gofer. There was also Tomas who helped Alan set the lights and also operated the laptop at the end when Alan showed us the photos that he had taken of Carla; our model for the evening during the lesson as a slideshow.

It was very interesting to see how little changes to the direction of the lights or colour of the gels could make such a significant difference to the pictures.

To begin with though and as an ice breaker, Alan allowed us to spend some time taking photos of Carla in his garden, while the light was still good. Carla was a delight and although not a professional model (she works as a nurse at a local vets) she seemed to know what to do and casually struck a few poses for us. My photo shows her relaxing by Alan's pond.