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Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Only Way Is Birmingham

Another trip to the NEC in Birmingham today, our third this year. Firstly the photography trade show in March, April saw us going to the Gadget Show and now we went to see the Beauty Show; a trade show about beauty and make-up.

There wasn't really anything of interest to me there, so I kept my eyes open for any interesting photo opportunities. Whilst I was walking up and down the aisles, I noticed a load of women queueing up for something. So I had to go and have a look, as I didn't think it was for the toilets!

They appeared to be waiting to meet and have their photo taken with this woman who I didn't recognise at all. I thought I would take her photo anyway, as she is obviously well known to some people and so I would just have to find out who she was.

I met up with Gail who was talking to one of the sellers and I showed her the photo, as I thought she might say that she is a well known make-up artist or something. She didn't know either. The guy who Gail was talking to had a look and thought that she might be off a TV series called The Only Way Is Essex. A drama serial about this group of friends who live in the south east.

I've never watched it myself, other than small clips and it didn't look very exciting; just these people sitting and chatting about their friends, love lives and how much money they are earning. It seemed a bit inane to me. Just a schedule filler I think. Just like Big Brother, ... Get Me Out of Here and the other shows that are cheap to make.

Apparently she is called Lauren Goodger and has just started selling her own range of fake tan products called Lauren's Way. It seems that every person off the TV has to have some money making sideline, whether it's writing novels, designing clothing or cooking food.

Seems like stars of the past had missed out, as we could have had John Noakes & Shep's dog food, Jimmy Hill designer footballs and Tom Baker scarves.