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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Happy On The Water

It seems that the owner of this narrowboat is content with his or her lot, going on the name that they've called it; "All's Well". It's a great thing to be able to say to anyone, or if you were Australian, it would be "No Worries".

Everyone has some sort of stress to contend with in these worrying times. These past few days has been rather hectic for me, and a bit stressful too. This may help to explain why my blogging has been a little erratic this week.

The wedding at the weekend was one thing that I had to worry about. But the main concern for me this week was the fact that last night was the premiere of a play that I am in and I didn't feel 100% confident with my lines. This added to the burden of performing in front of 100 people. Also I didn't know beforehand, but the BBC had come to film it as part of a programme they are making about the history of Raleigh. The Nottingham based bicycle manufacturer that is, rather than the sailor and discoverer of tobacco, potatoes and America.