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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Flaming Stars And Summer Kisses

I saw these record sleeves propped up in a second hand record shop in town, and thought it would make a good still life, although Bob Dylan looks like he is in jail with the reflection of some railings opposite.

Rob's Records on Hurts Yard is a Nottingham institution for hunting out those obscure, or long forgotten albums. The shop had a re-fit last year, as before the shop was full of boxes and racks of records, singles, CDs videos and books that appeared to be in no particular order and seemed to be a bit of a fire hazard to me.

Anyway Rob has had a spring clean, and everything seems to be more in an order than it was before. Although naturally a lot of the character has been lost with the removal of all the cardboard boxes, plastic bags and the like. Still if you're after any record then Rob is bound to have it on his racks.