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Friday, 4 May 2012


I had lunch with one of my co-workers today. We went to what is now becoming the place to do lunch, as most of my fellow employees go there as well. In fact I think today has marked about my sixth visit since it opened earlier this year.

Of course I usually see it in the daylight, but as I went to the Playhouse on Wednesday evening, Gail and I got to see it in the dark, as the restaurant is directly opposite the theatre. So it was just a simple case of crossing the road and finding a good shot or two, without too many cars, street signs and other distractions that can ruin a photograph.

I decided to turn the photo black and white; as besides having a liking for monochrome images, I think it adds to the picture, as bizarre as it sounds. But it does give a bit of mystery to the scene, not seeing everything in the image.