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Friday, 11 May 2012

Rooster Mouthburn

A new fast food restaurant opened today in the city centre. It is called Rooster Peri Peri, and as the name suggests they serve chicken pieces dipped in a spicy sauce.

The restaurant seemed to have taken ages to be fitted out. The building housed an Italian restaurant, but closed ages ago, so it's nice to see the building brought back to life. I've no idea how well they'll do, as there are a lot of eating houses of all kinds in the area, so there's strong competition for empty bellies.

I arrived just as the manager opened the door and some of the waitresses came out onto the street handing out free samples of chicken and little glasses of apple juice. Naturally I tried one. It was very nice, but quite spicy. Not a problem, as I can eat hot curries, but it did make my fingers a bit yellow and sticky. So I had to lick my fingers quite a few times to get them cleanish.

I had noticed a man haranguing the manager because the restaurant opened, ten minutes later than advertised. After eating his piece of chicken, he said very nice and disappeared. Moments later he came back with a fistful of serviettes which he thrusted into the managers' hands. "Here" he said, "You should have handed these out. It's good customer service".

The opening was being filmed by someone with a Nikon D7000; the same camera that Gail has. It looked a bit odd with the furry microphone attached to the hotshoe. Of course I had to take a photo of it with what the guy was seeing, and also a photo of the waitresses with the goodies.