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Sunday, 6 May 2012

They Don't Like It Up Em!

I went to Wollaton Park this morning, but something really strange happened to me while I was there. I came over all dizzy and had a bit of blurred vision. I closed my eyes for a few seconds so I wouldn't faint. Opening them again, I was shocked to see that somehow things in the park looked different. I couldn't put my finger on what though. Puzzled as to how this could have happened, I suddenly heard some rifle shots and yelling in the distance.

I dived for cover, as I didn't know what the devil was going on. I couldn't see any of the visitors in the park, cars; dogs or anything. I was still dressed in my modern clothes and my Nikon was still in my hand, with a fully charged battery.

I heard some more shots and thought I had better go and see what was happening. I didn't think that the park was being used as a film location again, as I would have heard about it by now through various means on the Internet. I then heard some people behind me. Turning I saw some men dressed as soldiers from Napoleon's time. Somehow I had managed to go back in time some 300 years!

I hid behind a convenient tree and watched what was happening. A battle was raging between some British and French soldiers. In the distance I could see an encampment of tents and smoke from a fire. I was stunned as to how this could have happened to me of all people, and on a Sunday morning too. Fortunately I had my Tamron zoom lens attached to my D90, so could rattle off some shots without being seen.

Here's one of the photos I took undercover. British infantrymen charging after the French soldiers, yelling and having fixed bayonets on their rifles. After a while of watching the skirmish, I then went dizzy again. I blinked and checking my mobile, I found myself back in 2012. The soldiers, tents, the battle. All gone.

When I arrived home I downloaded the photos I had taken. Something must have happened to the SD card, as all the pictures had come out in a strange sepia colour as you can see in this one. The time travelling must have upset the electrodes in either the camera or memory card. Or possibly both. I hope it wears off, as I don't want to end up taking dated shots like I've got one of those old plate glass cameras from the Victorian age.

I wonder if it will happen to me again? I'd love to be able to choose where and when I went. Would love to be in London during the 1960s for instance. Or the 1930s, to capture all that art deco architecture.