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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Maybe Tonight Josephine!

Hey, it's Headbanger Wednesday, and I've chosen the theme this week. After much thought I've come up with the topic of Doctors and Nurses.

Nottingham has a very large teaching hospital called the Queens Medical Centre. Gail works there. Not as a doctor or nurse, but as a receptionist on one of the wards. She enjoys her job, organising the patients files, liaising with doctors, porters and ambulance staff and all the other tasks that admin staff undertake besides answering the telephone. There is a bit of patient contact too, which Gail loves to do, as she is such a caring and thoughtful person.

But the doctor that I've used isn't a real doctor (well he might be in real life) but a performer in a Morris dancing group that entertained the audience on St George's Day. Besides doing some actual Morris dancing, they performed a little story about how St George killed the dragon. The tall tale involved the Devil, a policeman and this quack doctor.

I like his costume, especially the waistcoat, although I don't think I would be brave enough to wear it in public, unless it was at a fancy dress party. The top hat and tinsel is quite amusing too. The doctor told some really bad jokes. So bad that I have fortunately forgotten them!

Don't forget to 'do the rounds' and see how the other members have interpreted my theme, and enjoy this tenuously inspired piece of music. And if you fancy joining in the madness every Wednesday, as we are short of members at the moment, then please do get in touch.

Today's photo is a return to Sunday's adventure at Wollaton Park. This time here's a shot of Napoleon himself having a walk out in the gardens with, who I take to be Josephine. Although she does look a little plain to be the wife of the French emperor. Maybe she is in plain clothes, so she won't get noticed by the paparazzi of the time!