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Monday, 7 May 2012

Cannon Fodder

The battle re-enactment that I watched yesterday at Wollaton Park was quite exciting, and very loud. Especially that of the cannons they were using. Of course they used blanks and special gunpowder, as there wouldn't be much left of the audience if they had used real ammo! But the effect was still very realistic.

Here's a shot at the precise moment that the cannon's lit fuse met the 'gunpowder' and you can see the resulting explosion. I had to take quite a few shots to get it. Even with rapid shooting, it took a while. But I am quite pleased with the end result. You can also see the scraps of whatever holds the gunpowder together, possibly paper, flying up into the air.

I guess the punchline for this shot would be "Nikon shoots cannon"!